Exclusive Report: Winning wellness strategies for the workforce of tomorrow

What you’ll take away

Tictrac partnered with Global HR Executive to provide a forum for HR leaders to come together to share strategies, experiences, and solutions for improving workplace culture around wellbeing.

In this 10 page downloadable report you’ll access an executive summary of the roundtable discussion which includes insights into:

  • 11+ leadership priorities ranging from designing a differentiated employee wellbeing value proposition, through to measuring the impact of company wide initiatives more effectively
  • Practical solutions to tackle challenges around: promoting equality and fairness across your diverse workforce, the cultural shifts needed to drive greater engagement and more
  • Real life examples of wellbeing strategies implemented to meet business objectives around: financial wellbeing, and the ambition to introduce benefits that reflect the unique values of the company
  • Navigating legacy offers and the key factors to consider when streamlining wellbeing benefits

Whilst one universal offer was previously the objective in order to be seen to be fair to all employees, we now see that equality and fairness can also come from relevance: something for everyone based on life stage, location, work style, occupation etc.

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