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Tictrac is a wellness application for everyone

Not just for the marathon runners or the mindfulness converts. Easy to set up, employees can set their goals and access the most relevant content for them. In fact, with our low touch, shared-instance platform, they can get started within minutes and begin to feel happier and healthier within days:

A platform packed with fresh, relevant, timely and expert content

Action Plans

Personalized action plans for every employee

Company, team or individual activity challenges

Community Hub

Create and manage your own content and activity challenges with Community Hub

Detailed reports and insights

Shared-instance platform, single-sign on, co-branding, and GDPR, SOC2, and HIPAA compliant

Delivering results that make us, and you, proud

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Get a snapshot of your workplace wellness

Learn more about how you can drive change with analytics

As well as giving your employees the support and inspiration to make meaningful changes to their wellness, the Tictrac wellness app also gives insight into your workforce’s state of wellness.

Aggregated insights and rich dashboards make it easy to see the health and wellness status of your employees. You can monitor how they’re reacting to changes affecting the workplace, use the data to shape company health strategies, and track it to demonstrate return on investment. Data is always aggregated and de-identified, ensuring complete data privacy for your employees.

With Tictrac's support, our teams are thriving. They just want to be top of that leaderboard, so they find every excuse to get active! Our employees are really engaging with their wellness and each other.

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