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Welcome to our Q1 newsletter:
The latest news, insights and resources


Welcome to our Q1 newsletter: The latest news, insights and resources.


It’s been a busy start to the year, as the demand for Digital Wellbeing services has continued to skyrocket across the Insurance and Financial sectors. The shift in consumer behaviour towards digital, on-demand wellbeing services has driven the need for fast action and reprioritisation by Insurers and Financial institutions globally. This has created new opportunities for them to engage with their customers in a more meaningful way.


At Tictrac, we’ve witnessed first-hand just how impactful this has been for our client partners in building meaningful relationships with their customers. Below are just a few examples of some of the work our partners have been doing.


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Cigna partners with Tictrac for Body&Mind

In partnership with Tictrac, Cigna has launched Body&Mind – a new digital proposition from the global Insurer, created to engage users across Europe and the US to manage their wellbeing. The app focuses on stress awareness and management, supporting people through the various lifestyle-related factors relating to stress. 

Cigna Body&Mind, which is underpinned by Tictrac’s comprehensive health engagement platform, enables users to build their resilience to stress using advice from wellness experts, including psychologists, nutritionists and Olympic athletes.

tictrac bupa

Tictrac partners with Bupa on Bupa4Life

Bupa4Life empowers people to take control of their wellbeing. Using Tictrac’s health engagement platform, Bupa Hong Kong’s corporate and individual members have a digital companion that helps them adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Tictrac has enabled Bupa Hong Kong to take its existing wellness proposition to the next level, providing a complete digital wellness experience and further connecting Bupa Hong Kong policyholders with the broader benefits and services available to them.

Tictrac join Lloyds innovation challenge

Tictrac has partnered with Lloyds Banking Group in its innovation challenge. Lloyds recognised the connection between physical, mental and financial wellbeing, driving their desire to combine their own financial knowledge base and tools into their customer journey. We’re proud to be a part of this – so watch this space.


Generali launches ‘CIAO’ globally

Generali Employee Benefits have just launched CIAO – the wellbeing app powered by Tictrac that’s helping their employees with their wellbeing, to become healthier, happier and more engaged. They’ve kicked off with a global challenge, to see who can rack up the most steps, with employees able to define and reach their own wellbeing goals.

Empower hour – our latest content series

Tictrac adapts to users’ ever-evolving needs and drives meaningful engagement through a clever combination of a monthly content series and a campaign-led approach. Our unique Empower Hour series featured 10 extraordinary Olympians, Paralympians and World Record holders. This diverse group of formidable athletes shared their inspiring stories of mental resilience, physical endurance and how they made small changes to their lifestyle to make a significant impact on their health and wellbeing.


Introducing our newest expert in residence

In Q2 we’ll be launching our new Financial Wellbeing series, featuring our brand new content contributor, renowned financial coach, Ellie Austin-Williams. With years of experience and having worked with the likes of Monzo and The Huffington Post, Ellie will be sharing practical tips, tricks and guidance on how to boost financial wellbeing and how to create habits that get results.

Positive Resilience Program, with PeopleWise

With a clear focus on supporting our partners and their users to build positive resilience during these challenging times, in partnership with PeopleWise, a leading business psychology and executive performance consultancy, we’ve launched our digital Positive Resilience Program (PRP) on Tictrac. The PRP enables users to better understand their level of positive resilience and provides focused programs  to build their resilience, and empowers them to thrive fully.

Watch our ‘Take Control of 2021’ teaser

See why Generali, Bupa and Cigna have chosen Tictrac to be their partner to empower their customers with their wellbeing and take control of 2021.

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