Exclusive report: Engage, empower and enable employees to enhance their health, happiness and wellbeing

Global HR Executive recently led a HR Leaders roundtable, supported by Tictrac, where leaders came together for a peer to peer conversation to share current experiences, themes, challenges and opportunities when it comes to workplace wellbeing. 


The discussion centered around: How to engage, empower and enable employees to enhance their health, happiness and wellbeing. With a focus on taking a people-centric and bespoke approach to benefits and wellbeing.

Download this report for an executive summary of the roundtable discussion and gain insights into considerations and approaches from HR leaders around:

  • Setting and maintaining an organisational culture of wellbeing in times of change or transitions
  • Empowering leadership teams who often are the champion of wellbeing policy
  • Listening to the diverse and evolving needs of employees by leveraging technology, data and people
  • Shaping the right work environment as we continue to work in flexible and hybrid ways
  • Developing a meaningful wellbeing strategy that remains simple and relevant

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