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Tictrac has joined Dialogue Health Technologies Inc through successful acquisition. By joining Dialogue, Tictrac will contribute to the continuum of care that covers wellness and prevention through to diagnosis and treatment.
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Experience how to engage people with their wellness, inform your organization with insight, and enable healthier outcomes


Taking control of 2021

With ongoing uncertainty and so much out of our control, we’re on a mission to help people with the one thing they can control— their own wellness

We have loads of exciting information to share with you over the next few months, including content such as:


A chef in the kitchen


Tara and Greg from Strengthouse have created some simple recipes packed with nutrition to help you nourish your body and feel good from the inside-out. Plus, our Olympians, Paralympians, and world record holders are back with their top tips on nutrition for high performance if you need a little extra motivation.


Witness the fitness


Alongside their recipes, Tara and Greg have lined up some really effective and fun at-home workouts. These will help you feel fitter, stronger and help combat the side effects of working from home — like sitting down, hunched over a desk, for far too long.


Don’t forget, you can connect your tracker in the Tictrac app and battle it out against your colleagues in running, walking, and cycling challenges.


Mind over matter


As life is a little more restricted at the moment, doing the things we need to do to stay fit and well can be a lot tougher.


Anne-Marie Tenace is a renowned counselor who will be offering guidance and tools for coping with mental health challenges and feelings of disconnection and loneliness which are beginning to creep in.


Meanwhile, Fiona Lamb is back with more meditations that will help you de-stress and refocus your mind, along with top mindfulness tips.


Back for seconds


Dr. Steven MacGregor has some more workplace (wherever that may be for you) wellness tips and tricks to help you balance your day and boost your productivity.


The Empower Hour podcast is also back with brand new episodes from Olympians, Paralympians, and world record holders. Each episode is packed with real-life stories on training, nutrition, mental resilience, and bouncing back. They’re a great listen for your next walk or run, or perhaps to get you up and motivated at the start of your day.


So, come and join us and take control of your 2021. Experience for yourself how our Health and Wellness Software can help your employees become happier, healthier, and reconnected.

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