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NEWLY RELEASED: HR Executive Roundtable Report (2023): Workplace Wellbeing

A group of HR executives and leaders recently came together in London for a roundtable discussion on the current workplace dynamics at play from a wellbeing perspective. The discussion was framed against the backdrop of ongoing complexity and uncertainty.


To ensure diversity of thought, the panel was made up of HR executives from across a range of sectors including banking, charity, life sciences and manufacturing.

By the end of the roundtable the group had successfully achieved the following outcomes:

  • Identified the most pressing issues – with people being the beating heart of a business, a wellbeing crisis presents HR professionals with a real challenge.
  • Focused on and debated the dynamics at play including back to office tensions, through
    to leadership perceptions, workforce pressures and unparalleled complexities.
  • Articulated three megathemes – fragmentation, back to office and the role of wellbeing in
    talent attraction and retention. These three themes are fully explained in the executive
    summary report.

For HR leaders and executives working hard to navigate the complexities of today’s working world this report will give you independent insights, perspectives and ideas to take back to your own organisation.

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