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Track all your activities in one place and discover what makes you tick.

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Know yourself

Whether you want to lose weight, manage your time or watch your baby grow up, Tictrac gives you the tools to do it.


Sync your apps

Sync the apps and devices you already use and continue to use them to track your activities. Take them to the next level with Tictrac.

  • Don't have an app for it?

    Don’t worry, anything you don’t have an app for, just track using Tictrac. Simple.

  • Track almost anything

    Email, blood pressure, supermarket foods... pretty much anything you can think of is possible to track using Tictrac. And the list is growing every day.

  • Take Tictrac with you

    The Tictrac mobile app is perfect for tracking your activities at anytime, whether you’re on or offline.


Compare and share

With Tictrac you can plot your progress, breakdown your activities and see how they compare. And then share what you discover.

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