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Designed to support employers
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For employers

An inspirational platform to engage employees in organizations of 500+ staff

Increase connection, boost productivity and encourage a healthier way of life with content that adapts to the changing needs of your workforce.

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For insurers

A tailored wellness solution to drive meaningful results

Build stronger engagement, helping members to take control of their health while placing your relevant products and services front of mind.

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We thoroughly enjoyed joining colleagues from across the organization in a step challenge to fundraise for charity. We were inspired by the content on the app, and listening to the podcasts helped us stay motivated.


What Tictrac offers

Engage, Inform and Enable with a complete wellness platform

The science behind Tictrac

Based on 10 years of research and working with some of the world’s leading experts in behavioral science, we developed a proven methodology that inspires meaningful behavior change. We call this H.E.A.L. and it underpins everything we do at Tictrac:

Client stories

Engaging employees

Discover how you can engage employees, reconnect remote colleagues and boost wellness – just like Garmin, Kinetic and Bishop Fleming.

The latest from Tictrac

10 ways to prevent employees from languishing at work

As lockdown restrictions lift and employees return to work, social wellbeing needs to become a priority for employers who are looking to support mental health.

Tictrac teams up with PAI Health to deliver science-backed digital wellness

Insurers, employers and individuals can benefit from an integrated platform that drives meaningful behavioural change to lower cardiovascular disease and lifestyle risk.

Customer data is crucial to understanding the journey, but how can insurers make sure it’s meaningful?

While customer data may be important, the real benefits will go to those insurers able to access information that gives meaningful insights.

Building back better, the wellness strategy for 2021

As our working world and staff have adapted, it’s time that wellness strategies adapt too. That's why building back is the wellness strategy for 2021.

Health management, turning good intentions into risk improvement

Understanding exactly what drives people to make lasting changes to their health risk is key to the success of any health management or wellness program.

10 ways to improve work-life balance while working from home

COVID-19 has turned the world upside-down, and with it, our work-life balance whilst home working. Improve your wellness while working at home with these tips.

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